, because of the simplicity of EasyCash4Ads we are getting a lot of newbie or first-time marketers. If you refer a personal friend or relative, make sure you tell them to look out for your username at the very bottom of the buy page (the conventional sales page) to verify they followed your link correctly BEFORE they join. Unless you want to take on our $50 challenge and point out a flaw in our affiliate tracking system, we will summarily close support tickets dealing with missing sign-ups or people signed up under the wrong person. If you want your friend or family member to join under you, don't trust that they will follow your affiliate link correctly as opposed to just typing in our web address without your affiliate information.

We try to answer support tickets as quickly as we can and opening tickets relating to the above puts an unnecessary burden on support when it can be prevented. All tickets relating to the above will be closed with a canned response to come and read this notice.


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Depending on your level of experience we have divided the affiliate resources into two sections, however, don't make the mistake of not making use of the resources we make available to newbies just because you've done some on-line marketing before.

I am new to on-line marketing | This is not my first rodeo

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